Our Moon, a bright model of duality, always presents the same face to our sight. But nobody would dispute the fact that the Moon has another face: many NASA astronauts saw that hidden face aboard their Apollo spacecrafts and this face is also part of our reality even if invisible!

In our live, reality seems to dress itself in many disguises. Skeptics are quick to dismiss these hidden faces as fraud. Now, we are going to explore a dream that changed my reality forever !

«There is a crack in everything and that's how the light gets in.» .
(Leonard Cohen, singer and composer).

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A dream? All over the world, all night long, men and women dream. So common! Nothing unusual, say you ! We agree on one point: dreams exist. Let's start from there and let me tell you about a premonitory dream that has been a very disturbing personnal experience. As you will discover, this dream forsaw events that shocked the world.


September 11, 2001

06h00 a.m. E.D.T.

A very disturbing dream awakes me. As usual following this kind of dream, I scribble a note on a sheet of paper and go back to sleep.


I get out of the bed. My wife is already gone to have breakfast with friends. I turn the TV on and listen to CNN while preparing my coffee and toasts.


A breaking news catches my attention: one of the World Trade Center towers in New-York city has been hit by a plane. A live camera shows a plume of dark smoke coming out of the south tower. Oh! My God! I say to myself, I hope the automatic sprinklers system is working well up that tower !»


On the right of the TV screen, I see a plane coming toward the towers. «Must be V.I.P from the NYFD coming to assess the damages !». And then something incredible happens: the plane hits the second WTC tower! Impossible! Not again! This is a joke! This is a cartoon or what ? Am I dreaming?

Upon having this thought, a serie of pictures comes back into my mind. Hey! This is the dream I had this morning! I am sweating. Is it possible to have a dream before the events actually happen?

The phone rings. My brother wants to know my impressions on what is happening in New-York city. I tell him briefly about my dream. He is flabbergasted ! «Make a sketch and e-mail it to me ASAP!»

Minutes later, the drawing is scanned and sent over the Internet.



I am flying high above the ground. Below me are many long and white rectangles sharing a common arched base and resting on something blue in color, just like piers or wharfs on blue water. Two rectangles are particularly thin and very long.

On my right hand side, a large two motors airplane is taking off and flying at low altitude. The plane is heading towards the rectangles.

I am near this plane now and I can see very distinctly the contorted faces of the passengers glued to the plane windows: their mouths are open as if to shout a silent cry. Their hands are on each side of their heads as if being taken hostages. I sense a great fear in their eyes. They don't know what is happening to them.

A very loud noise makes me turn my head left where a second airplane, exactly like the first one, is taking off and heading at low altitude towards the same white rectangles.

The plane on my right passes in front of me and, without warning, plunges and hits one of the thin and long rectangles and disappears completly inside before exploding. Oh! My God! The plane has crashed! «Hurry ! Bring some help !" Nothing. They are all dead! Small debris, similar to confettis, are falling down alongside the rectangle and scatter. I am overwhelmed by the tragic events in the dream and I awake in alarm. My hearth is beating like hell !


And then the phone rings again. My brother is calling back. «Hey ! Turn your drawing upside down !»he tells me. «The long and thin white rectangles are no more piers! They are the Word Trade Center Towers of New-York city!»

I am shocked! Never thought of that! How powerfull is our mind to give us two realities in one picture. Duality once again!

The language of the subconscious

Psychanalysts know that our subconscious mind communicates with us through our dreams. Pictures, not words, compose his langage. In my dream, my subconscious mind delivers four powerfull images depicting the terrorist attacks that will shock the planet three hours later.

The first image presents piers or wharfs on blue water. To my concious mind, I am flying above an harbour of some sort. Quays are laid in arc just like on Long Island in New York city.

Turn upside down, the same image now present the famous New-York city skyscrapers with the well-defined outlines of the twin towers of the World Trade Center against the blue sky. Voilà ! The geographic place of the events to come is well established now.

Second image: two airplanes taking off and flying low above the ground. One on the right hand side, another on the left hand side. One going for the north tower, the other one toward the south tower. This is exactly what is going to happen three hours later.

Third image: passengers at the plane windows. Their hands are alongside their head as if being forced to do so by an armed man. Very explicit. And their faces tell all the horror of the situation: the plane is flying low over New-York city and they apprehend the end of the flight.

Fourth image: impact. This scene has been shown over and over again on TV: the plane goes towards the tower and disappears completely inside. A fraction of a second later, a powerfull explosion scatters debris all over the place.

What is TIME ?

6h00 a.m. E.D.T.: the premonitory dream ends. 8h45 a.m. E.D.T.: horror begins in New-York city. How can we explain premonition ? How can we dream of a futur event ? Questions impossible to answer. Past. Present. Futur. Time. For Einstein, time is relative. And if time.... ? That's the question !

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